How to Get Cheap Broadway Tickets

How to Get Cheap Broadway Tickets

how to get cheap broadway tickets

Are you searching for low-cost Broadway tickets? There are many options to make money off Broadway tickets. Discounts offered by Broadway performances, Resale websites, and Papering services are just some of the numerous ways to save money on your Broadway tickets. The greatest benefit is that you don’t need to sacrifice your theater experience to receive the price you’re hoping for. Learn more. You’ll be able to score tickets at a fraction of what best secondary ticket sites they cost if you master the techniques.

Discounts are offered by Broadway shows

Find these specials If you’re looking for an affordable way to attend Broadway shows. While the cost for the cost of a Broadway ticket is $125 this week you can often get tickets for much less using the numerous discounts available at the Broadway theater. There are a variety of discounted tickets available, including general rushes as well as student rushes. A show’s price that is standing room-only is available.

Discounted tickets are offered for Wednesday matinees of many Broadway productions. Discount tickets are usually priced between 10% and 50% less than regular ticket prices. Tickets are easily available. Box seats are more accessible at Broadway theaters. Many view these seats as having partial views. Therefore, they will sell them at a significantly lower price than their usual price. Discounted boxes can be purchased at the box office.

The TKTS Booths run by the Theatre Development Fund of the city, provide another option to purchase discounted tickets for Broadway shows. TKTS offers unsold seats for sale at 20-50 percent discount. TKTS booths sell discounted tickets, as well as discounted tickets. You may also go to Times Square booths Times Square booth if you are unable to find a ticket at TKTS for an afternoon show. Just remember that you should pay in cash or traveler’s check. Credit cards are not accepted at the TKTS booth.

You may also receive discounts in some theaters when buying tickets in advance. You could, for instance, get a free seat for shows that are themed to the holidays. If you are flexible enough to hold off for a few days, you might get a last minute discount ticket. Take a look at Playbill to get the latest information on Broadway shows and discounts. Broadway for Broke People has more information about performances, shows, ticket prices and other details.

Resale sites

There are many options available to those who have been putting back from purchasing your Broadway tickets. You can visit the box office directly. If you’re looking to find good seats, this may be the right one for you. Vivid Seats might have tickets available until the show begins So keep an eye out for any seats that are appealing to you.

There are numerous options to buy tickets on resale sites for Broadway. A lot of brokers specialize in the most popular shows and resell them for a much higher price. Others prefer buying their Broadway tickets through Telecharge or Ticketmaster for face value. A lot of people are unaware that there are alternatives to buying tickets. In order to avoid paying full price for tickets, you can use a resale site.

Broadway tickets are available via scalpers or brokers. Brokers of tickets are typically regulated and affiliated with the National Association of Ticket Brokers. However ticket scalpers are people who sell tickets brokers aren’t able to sell. You can, however, snap a picture of the tickets in order to confirm that they are authentic. It’s legal for you to sell Broadway tickets for more than face value.

Vivid Seats is an alternative if you’re searching for cheap tickets. If you’re lucky enough, there are usually tickets available until the time of the event. A ticket purchase at the last minute should not be a problem either. You can purchase tickets for the Broadway show online prior to when the show begins. You may also opt to attend a show outside of the tourist season when you have a flexible schedule.


If you’ve been thinking about seeing some of the most famous Broadway performances but you’ve not been in a position to pay for them it might be a good idea to take a chance at winning the lottery ticket. While the majority of theaters offer lotteries on the internet and some require you visit the theater in person in order to get into the theater. You can find information on the regulations and rules for the lottery of each show, along with information about inexpensive tickets. Some times, these are only available to groups of students or other types however in certain cases every person can be a winner.

It is possible to obtain Broadway tickets for less money by participating in the lotteries. But, you’ll need to wait until the date of the show to receive your winning ticket. It is possible that you will not have enough time to sit and wait for the drawing. For most ticket lotteries, players must have a government ID. Once you’ve obtained the government-issued ID, then you’re eligible to start playing lotteries. A ticket to Broadway can cost as low as $30. Ticket prices in lotteries are extremely low, because the producers lose money from processing fees.

Another way to obtain Broadway tickets that are cheap is by participating in a daily lottery. There are many shows on Broadway which offer regular lottery draws on a daily basis. Tickets for these shows are usually $10 per. You can also enter digital lotteries to win tickets for certain Broadway productions on their websites. One instance is the “Hamilton” lottery. Lotteries are often run by the production.

Another way to obtain Broadway tickets that are cheap is to be a part of the lottery called rush. You can play a virtual lottery and then wait for results. The lottery takes place at least two hours prior to the performance and, if lucky enough, you might be able to purchase two tickets. You can buy a ticket for either one or two seats if you’re willing to stand during show.

Papering and printing services

By signing up to one of these services will give you cheap Broadway tickets to shows that are coming up. Producers of Broadway shows often give away tickets to promote word-of-mouth. There are numerous alternatives for papering available, including TheaterMania Gold Club, Audience Extras and Play-by-Play. Tickets are always free, although you’ll have to pay an annual fee and the processing fee.

Reward programs

Rewards programs let you earn points to purchase Broadway tickets. It is important to remember that not all Broadway tickets reward programs provide an enormous value in dollars. You may be required to pay a membership fee in order to get started and many reward programs also expire if you don’t use your points for a certain period of time. These are still options for theater-lovers.

You earn points every purchase you make through Broadway by using Audience Rewards. When you purchase tickets on the internet, all you need to do is enter the rewards number. The program also provides priority seating, so you don’t have to worry about not seeing the show because you’ve not earned enough points. Even shows that you have not yet seen are able to be rewarded with points! You can earn rewards by buying with a credit card.

You can also sign-up for the lottery program for show tickets through Broadway Direct. You can purchase tickets for 50% off or for free by signing up to the program. Some theaters have a designated area for audiences with children. It is possible to save money by signing up for the program and guaranteeing a spot at the next Broadway production. It’s a lot easier than you imagine to guarantee seats if you plan ahead.

TDF is a different way to save money on Broadway tickets. The company offers a membership for an entire year costing just $40. This will give access to exclusive ticket deals just a few days prior to the show. Off-Broadway shows can be purchased at just $11 via OffOff@9’s program. You can also join the majority of major theaters’ member programs. Benefits of membership include discounts on tickets all year long and early access to the show.