How To Configure Rest Assured With Eclipse For Rest Api Automation

According to Top Web API Testing Companies, API itself being an essential part of software, makes the API testing a crucial step and thus number methods and tools are present. REST Assured is an open source, Java based library to test REST web services. REST assured does not have a GUI and supports XML & JSON.

rest api testing java

Having the possibility to write Java code gives you many opportunities to better handling exceptions or assertions. From a testing perspective, understanding REST APIs and how to use them is vital, even if you aren’t writing tests for an API directly. REST Assured can be used just as easily to perform checks on REST services that return JSON instead of XML.

It is meant only for defining the test data and methods. This repository contains the rest api code inside src/main folder and all Rest Assured tests under src/test folder. You can import the project in eclipse and run the files main method. Each test case in this framework should contain a call to a method that should be defined in class and it should return the Response as the output. The test case should parse the Response object and apply assertions where ever required.

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It comes with a plethora of API testing functionalities and extra features to make the process more efficient. Combining UI and Business levels for different environments, Katalon Studio provides a common place to create and execute API/Web services, UI functional, and mobile testing. There is no standard for the description format of REST services. You can import your REST service in SoapUI by using WADL files.

  • With a similar aim of providing better software, APIs play an essential role.
  • JUnit Tutorial for Beginners in 5 Steps JUnit Tutorial for Beginners in 5 Steps.
  • In addition to providing an endpoint to retrieve your data, JSON Server allows you to make POST, PUT, PATCH or DELETE requests, making it an ideal solution for mocking endpoints.
  • REST Assured is an open source, Java based library to test REST web services.

The Rest Service StudentController exposes couple of get services. Refer to these files at the bottom of the article for exact implementation of the Service StudentService and the model classes Course and Student. If you want to understand all the files that are part of this project, you can go here. Find out what our Pro version of SoapUI can do to improve your testing. This section explains how you can add assertions in ReadyAPI.

Fetch Individual Json Element

RestAssured and jUnit are the perfect match for your purpose at the beginning of your journey. So, from our perspective the best automation framework for REST APIs is RestAssured. It is simple to use, modular and you can manipulate the request in any way you want. If your main programming language is Java, then RestAssured is the best automation framework for REST APIs. If you are starting an automation project and you are new in this type of testing this is the easiest framework to use.

If you’ve spent some time with automated testing you’ve likely seen E2E tests that that are just not predictable or consistent. In this post I want to cover some more features of REST Assured and provide examples of ways you might want to use it in your automated API testing. Although JMeter was purposely created for load testing, it is a fantastic tool for functional API testing.

Upon execution, Method we called in the class file will be requested and the response received will be printed, ending the test with tally of tests run. Simply speaking, Rest Assured are ready to use Java APIs used for testing the Restful web service and validating the same. Web Services based on XML and JSON can be tested using REST Assured and it supports the POST, GET, DELETE and all major requests. Based on the Groovy, Rest Assured implements the builder pattern to create the requests, set heads, analyze the received response and finally match that with expected data. For those of you wanting to add the possibility to validate RESTful web services to your test automation framework, REST Assured can be a very useful way to do just that. In this post, I want to show you how to perform some basic tests on both JSON and XML-based REST services.

Installing and configuring REST Assured is easy, just download the latest version from the website and add the relevant .jar files to your testing project and you’re good to go. In addition to providing an endpoint to retrieve your data, JSON Server allows you to make POST, PUT, PATCH or DELETE requests, making it an ideal solution for mocking endpoints. Below picture shows how we can execute this Get Service from Postman – my favorite tool to run rest services. We want to create a integration test for StudentController which is a Rest Controller.

Feb Rest Assured Testing Framework

@ActiveProfiles, is used to let the framework know that we are going to use the given profile. As we have already declared the test Profile in the Configuration file, we can use it here directly. Now since we are going to test the application from end to end, let’s create a controller test. 4- Maven – If you are using latest version of Maven then by default Maven plugin comes with eclipse.

rest api testing java

Any change in the API needs an explicit requirement; so testers can always stay alert of any changes and adjust them on time. You should also avoid testing more than one API in a test case. It is painful if errors occur because you will have to debug the data flow generated by API in a sequence. There are some cases in which you need to call a series of API to achieve an end-to-end testing flow. However, these tasks should come after all APIs have been individually tested.

Each verification method has pros and cons, and there is no one-size-fits-all option. You need to choose the solution that best fits your testing project. Together with verifying individual attribute values, this method is used to verify data responses with a specific pattern to handle complex dynamic data. Does the tool support import API/Web service endpoints from WSDL, Swagger, WADL, and other service specifications?

What Is Rest Assured?

Being implemented using Python and Selenium2Library it is actually a powerful UI automation tool, not a backend API automation tool. We have to decide to start implementing new keywords to handle API testing or choose another framework. We had to choose another one, but we didn’t stop using it.

Open the REST Request test step and clickto send the request. Create advanced assertions using logic such as “contains”, “matches” and more. SoapUI creates the project complete with a Service, Resource, Method and the actual Request and opens the Request editor.

rest api testing java

With JSON Server you can start building test for API endpoints before the developer implements the endpoint. You can easily mock the expected responses and once the API is implemented, your tests can point to that implementation instead of JSON Server. Development and API test automation can happen in parallel.

Writing Integration Tests For Rest Services With Spring Boot

We have to run these scripts on five different test environments. Running the scripts one by one is not causing any issues. The issues appears when you are running all of them in parallel. JMeter is using a lot of memory and CPU if our APIs return a lot of data and it has to process it. And you will learn how Serenity BDD integrates with RestAssured to provide powerful test reporting for REST API tests. Automagically Retry Your Flaky E2E Tests with Cypress End-to-end automated tests are notorious for being flaky.

Each software engineer has his own preferences in choosing the programming language, the framework and any other resources they need. JUnit is a testing framework for Java programming language and it is very important in the development of test driven development. When I started to work on my current project the automation framework used for API testing was jMeter.

Unlike SOAP-based Web services, there is no official standard for RESTful Web APIs. It is a part of integration testing that determines whether the APIs meet the testers’ expectations of functionality, reliability, performance, and security. You can get the content-Type of the response returned using the method is “contentType ()”. Rest Assured is a very straightforward language, and fetching headers is just as simple. Like before, we will create a standalone method to do the same. Testing and validating REST services in Java is harder than in dynamic languages such as Ruby and Groovy.

What Is A Restful Api?

You can add the below lines in your java class and see no compile errors are present. Here we are attaching the Json data compiled in the previous step to the request body as a JSON converted to string. Wrapping something with Transaction is a very general programming concept which is present in almost every Database.

CircleCI is a tool which help you to build continuous integration pipelines. In this post, we are going to discuss how we can test our spring boot application from start to end without any mocking. Rest Assured class provides the ‘get’ method for makng GET request to the API. The ‘getStatusCode’ method returns the response and the ‘getTime’ method returns the response time.

This method makes a POST request to the fetch queue endpoint of our API. And the response returned by this method is collected to the Response type object which is a class defined in Rest Assured libraries. – With this java class, we define all the test data that we need like API endpoints, query parameters, methods to call each API endpoint, etc. Please note, there should be no assertions in this java class.

We do that by creating a new JSONObject with the artist, title, and year of the new album. This object is then added to the body in the given section of the test. Both of these tests have hardcoded test rest api testing data, which is typically not ideal. A key part of integration testing is testing all the layers in the application. Following screenshot shows eclipse project with all the files we will create.

As always, change something to be sure it fails when it should. The 1st call is just getting all of the albums and extracts the json response to a Response object. REST APIs allow you to retrieve data for a particular item using the id, and the id can be passed as a path parameter or a query string parameter. Instead of talking to a real database, we will use an ArrayList – kind of an in-memory data store. Sending a GET request to /pet/ would retrieve pets with a specified ID from the database. Whether experienced or just starting out with API Testing, Katalon Studio is an optimal solution regardless of the level of expertise.

Dynamic information such as date time, increasing ID, etc. will cause trouble in the assertion. Does the tool support test the API/Web service types that your AUT is using? It will not make sense if the selected tool supports testing RESTful services while your AUT is using SOAP services. API tests can be performed at the early stage of the software development lifecycle. An automation approach with mocking techniques can help verify API and its integration before the actual API is developed.

But using Rest Assured, automation testing of APIs, sending simple https requests with user-friendly customizations is simple if one has a basic background of java. Rest Assured is a open source with a lot of additional methods and libraries being added has made it a great choice for API automation. – This is the java class where all the test cases are written that need to be executed. Currently, we have only one java file here, but based upon your requirements you can create multiple java files here to create a test suite. Please note, you should avoid hard coding any test data in these java classes, for example – API endpoints, parameter queries, etc.