Dell Latitude Collection Laptops

Dell Latitude Series Laptops

The Latitude line of work laptop computers was first introduced with the D600, which was released on 3/12/2003. It is the very first Dell model based on Pentium-M chips, the initial generation “Banias” or “Dothan” chips. The majority of Latitude laptops are constructed to get, so the precise specifications of your specific model might vary. The D600 has one USB C/Thunderbolt port, two memory sockets as well as a headphone jack.

The D-series is a collection of service versions from Dell. The D500 collection was the entry-level service model, as well as was offered with a 14.1-inch display. The D531 and also D6x0 are comparable in layout, with the exception of the D630 XFR. The D531 is the last non-widescreen Latitude, and includes an Intel Santa Rosa chipset. These designs likewise include a 15-inch touch-screen screen.

The D-series was a variant of the Dx30 series with AMD processors instead of Intel. The D631 is a ceased design, as well as can just be gotten over the phone from Dell. The D631 was sold along with the D630 in specific international markets, however it was never launched as a separate version in the U.S. It was ceased as a separate line from the D630 series.

The D-series of laptops was introduced in 2003 and was discontinued in 2007. The D6x0, and also E64x0 were the premium models, with the D6x0 being the company model. The D531 was the budget design, while the D531 was the premium model. Nevertheless, the D6x0 was discontinued after a short period of time.

The Latitude XP was the initial mass-market laptop computer to include a lithium-ion battery. Later on, the Latitude XP was the last Dell version to feature a CD. There are still lots of distinctions in the variety of models in this collection, but they are generally limited by the amount of RAM and also hard drive room they have. There are a couple of differences in between various designs, yet the D7480 is the most widely-produced Latitude.

The D500 collection is the entry-level organization design as well as is based upon a 15-inch non-widescreen form variable. It was sold with either a 14.1-inch or a 15.2-inch display. The D500 collection is the only non-widescreen Latitude model. The D550 is the last of the D5x0 collection. The D530 is the smallest business laptop computer. There are numerous various other distinctions in between these versions.

The D500 series is the entry-level service design. Its screen dimension is either 14.1-inch or 15-inches. It is a dual-spindle device with a detachable optical drive. It follows the D6x0 collection, as well as is the last non-widescreen Latitude design. The D530 is the last non-widescreen Latitude. Its screen size is 15-inches.

The D4x0 series was introduced in 2003, and was stopped a year later on. It is the first Latitude to use ultra-low-voltage CPUs. It also does not have specialized graphics and also uses 1.8-inch disk drives. The D6x0 and also D8x0 series were presented concurrently. The D5x0 series was released a pair months after the D4x0 collection. They share many of the very same attributes and are offered for organization as well as personal usage.

The D500 series is the entry-level service design. It has a 14.1-inch screen and is sold with a 15-inch display. It has a detachable optical drive and also is based upon the D6x0 collection. The D530 is the last non-widescreen Latitude model. It was the successor to the popular D-series, C-series, and also X collection. While it has a range of features, the D500 collection is still taken into consideration a service model.

In March 2006, the Dell Latitude D620 was introduced. It is the very first business-oriented note pad to feature a dual-core cpu. The cpu is supported by an AMD-based motherboard, as well as supports x86-64 64-bit software program. The CPU can be updated to a faster version if required. Its battery life approaches various other business-oriented note pads, and the D830 sustains a second battery.

The latest Latitude design, the E7470, is a business-oriented laptop dell ( It guarantees rapid prace while travelling for work. Its Intel Core i5 – 6300U cpu is the best selection for business-oriented laptops. The i5 CPU likewise has superb graphics, making it an excellent choice for experts. The Dell E7470 is readily available in a variety of dimensions and also prices.